Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Monday At Busch Gardens

 Monday morning we got to Busch Gardens shortly after they opened. It was a grey, chilly day, and the crowds were minimal. We didn't realize prior to getting to Virginia that Busch Gardens wouldn't be open all week. We decided to go on Monday, though if truth be known, had school field trips been considered we might have saved this until the end of the week so we could have avoided the massive amount of school groups that we dealt with at Jamestown. But I digress. 
While every one else was doing this virtual reality, Battle for Eire ride, Grace and I grabbed a hot chocolate and did some exploring. 
More Pet Shenanigans was absolutely fabulous! My mom had come across a piece of this show on Facebook before we left and she shared it with me. I am so glad that we knew about this sweet show. It was lovely to discover that it was longer than just the bit we had seen on Facebook! We loved it! 
 After that it was off to feed the Lorikeets! 
 We had done something similar when we were in Nassau this past November. Emma, who did not want anything to do with feeding the birds then absolutely couldn't wait to feed them this time! 
 The most favorite ride of the day, hands down, was the bumper cars! This was the day we learned that Emma has always wanted to try bumper cars. Who knew?! Needless to say, her dream came true! And as an added bonus, there were no lines, so all on the ride could get off and right back on! They both loved this, and could have done it at least ten more times if we hadn't pulled them away from it. 
It was such a fun day! Sure, we wouldn't have minded if it was a smidge warmer, but other than that we had a wonderful time. We all did so much walking that naps were totally on the agenda when we got back! xo 

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  1. Looks like such a fun day! Alice would love it there. We really must get down there.