Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tuesday At Colonial Williamsburg

Tuesday found us at Colonial Williamsburg. Once we arrived at the Revolutionary City, we made our way to the Governor's Palace. There, we took a tour of the palace and explored the grounds before heading out to explore the rest of the village. 
Front gate of the Governor's Palace
The bedroom of the daughters of Lord and Lady Dunmore.  
 Portrait of Queen Charlotte. 
 In the kitchen. We were very surprised to see a man in the kitchen as we are so used to seeing only women when we go to Old Sturbridge Village. 
A magnifying glass inside the George Wythe house
 Grandpa Ron, Grandma Joan and their granddaughters. 
 Had we known this church was still operating as a church we would have made sure to go to worship on Sunday. 
 In which Emma serves as a court justice. 
After many hours and much walking (so much walking!) we all agreed it was time to call it a day and head back to the condos. Naps/quiet time was definitely needed, even though we could have stayed and explored even more. Thankfully, we already had plans to head back the next day and do just that (along with a behind the scenes "bits and bridles" tour, too)! xo 


  1. Looks fantastic!! How does it compare size-wise to Sturbridge?

    1. It's much bigger, though I will say that when we were there not all the buildings were open, which we found somewhat odd. And it also felt like there was less to "do" than at OSV too. There are some parts we didn't get to but we'll be sure to do them next time! Your family would totally love Colonial Williamsburg! xo