Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today At Homeschool Day

First up today: a class on terrarium making! The girls were super excited for this class, and the timing of it was especially good for Grace who just started her Botany block! What do terrariums have to do with the 1830s you may be wondering? Well, back in the 1830s they were used to transport plants overseas. They were called "Wardian Cases" (named for the amateur biologist, Dr. Nathaniel Ward who created them) and were made out of glass and wood or glass and metal. Some were very simple and some were much more elaborate and fancy! 
In their second class of the day they got to make a set of graces. As soon as I saw that this class was being offered I knew that they would love it! They have often said how much they would like their own set of graces, being able to make their own sets was even better! xo 

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