Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Enchanted Gift

Before we left for Unschoolers Rock the Campground a lovely gift from the girls Aunt Donna and Uncle Peter arrived for Grace's birthday.  This gift ended up being the very first one that Grace opened on her birthday.  After it had been opened and gushed over Emma and I went out to do some birthday errands and left Grace and my Mom at home to enjoy some Grace and Gramma time and give Grace a chance to paint her fairy house on her own.  When Em and I returned home we were greeted with a very excited Grace who proudly showed us her beautifully painted items.  We were super impressed! She did such a great job!  She still had a little painting she wanted to do so the entire garden did not end up being assembled until the next day.
"Emma, wanna come help?!"
Planting the grass seed and magic beans. 
Putting Hannah the Fairy in her house. 
Thanks Aunt Donna and Uncle Peter for such a spectacular gift!  It has already started to grow and some of the beans have sprouted up too!  The girls have had the best time tending to this sweet little garden, and I think it's safe to say that it will be enjoyed for many moons to come! 


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    1. Kim, it really is such a cool gift! It came from Magic Cabin (www.magiccabin.com) and there is also a gnome one too! :)

  2. This post reminds me of my girls (as so many of your posts do).....
    Before my girls went to public school they were best friends, inseparable, confidants and co-conspirators.
    School changed their relationship.
    They began to bicker.
    They lost the bonds that they had for 6 years.
    You girls are so blessed that school will not change their friendship.
    It will not teach them that friends must be the same age as they are and that it is not cool to be friends with your sister.
    It will not drive a wedge between them.
    It has been three years and I am still working on repairing their relationship.
    It is better now that is has been in a very long time.
    Your posts make me smile.

    1. Oh Jess, that makes me so sad, though I have to say I am not surprised that happened as I have seen it happen to so many siblings before (though didn't "get it" until I was a mama and saw my girls become the best of friends the moment that Em came home from the hospital). I am so glad that your girls have the chance to learn this way and to undo the damage that was done and to get back to being close like they were before school.

      There are so many times that I thank my lucky stars that we have never been part of the school system. Watching them I know that school would have changed them (and their relationship) and not for the better. I love this life we live and I am so grateful that we have lived it from the very start and I hope that this is something they want to do throughout their entire growing up. Should they ever want to go to school we would surely not send them to the public school. We'd have them choose a much smaller private school. One where they would be appreciated for who there are and allow them to remain true to themselves. There is one such school like that near us, of course it comes with a hefty price tag.

      I am so glad that our posts make you smile and that they remind you so much for your girls. I love reading your posts and seeing what the future has in store for me since your two seem so much like the older versions of mine! I look forward to the day that we can meet in person and that our girls can all hang out together!