Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two Peas In A Pod

We have been strawberry picking, raspberry picking, blueberry picking, peach picking, apple picking, pumpkin picking and Christmas tree cutting but never pea picking.  Until this past weekend that is. It was a glorious Saturday, perfect for a new adventure.  We picked up the containers we needed and headed out to the pea field.  There were so many different kinds to choose from but we stuck with the ones that I had enjoyed growing up (and that we planted in our garden for the first time this  year)- Sugar Snap Peas.  I showed the girls how to pick them and told them how when we were kids their Grandpa would plant lots and lots of Sugar Snap Peas and when they were ready we'd pluck the plump ones and eat them while still in the garden (along with the tomatoes).  The girls loved hearing that.  We quickly got to work and before long had filled two quart containers full of peas (never mind the ones that had been eaten along the way).  There was something so sweet and unassuming about pea picking.  The fields were quiet and there was not alot of hubbub around pea picking like there is with other pick your own items.  The more I thought about it the more I couldn't help but feel like this might quite possibly be my most favorite thing to pick.  

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