Sunday, July 29, 2012

Circus Smirkus

Today, along with Dave's parents, we met up with my parents, Kaitlyn and Eric to take the girls to their first circus!  We thought it would be a fun way to celebrate Mom's birthday, Dave's birthday and Grace's birthday (we would have celebrated my brother's birthday too but he was unable to join our adventure today).  We usually do a big July Birthday Celebration but this year we decided to do something a little different.  Instead of a gathering at our house we went to see Circus Smirkus instead! It was the first time any of us attended this absolutely amazing show.  For those that don't know about Circus Smirkus you can learn more about it here.  For the Reader's Digest version basically Circus Smirkus is a circus camp for kids in Vermont.  There is also a traveling troupe (for kids ages 11-18) who are part of their big top tour each year.  The troupe travels around New England (with a couple of shows in Upstate New York, as well) beginning and ending each tour in Vermont.  
When we first entered we were told that the girls could sit right near the ring (how cool is that?!).  At first they said "no, thanks" and came to sit with us.  After checking out the big top they decided that they wanted to find a spot ringside (hence why the above picture is the only picture of them you'll see until the very end of this blogpost). 
And in my next life I am so going to learn to do this! 
At the end of the show the audience was invited into the ring to meet the performers.  The amount of talent that these kids posses is outstanding!  The girls were so excited to get to go in the ring and asked if we could go find Cleopatra.  We did and she was so sweet to take a picture with them!  

We now have two little girls who are dreaming about going to Circus Smirkus camp (and many of us big kids that want to go too).  They have been chatting all about the circus and how awesome it was and how they want to learn to do so many of the things they saw today (especially flying on the trapeze)!  They have been tossing their beautiful crowns around and catching them while spinning.  There is lots of cirucs play going on!  The whole time we were watching I kept picturing Grace and Emma out there.  I know we'll see them there someday. And I can't wait. I'm looking forward to it already! 

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