Monday, July 30, 2012


Dave's mom came up to visit for a few days last week.  She arrived Wednesday night after the girls were in bed and stayed until Sunday (with Dave's Dad coming up on Saturday to join the fun).  On Thursday after the girls swimming lesson we took them to the nail place at the mall.  I had taken Grace once a couple of years ago and we had not been back since.  Meaning that Em had never been. Grandma Joan was thrilled to get to be part of this first for Em, and we all had a blast getting our nails done on what was a rather grey afternoon.  Just like Grace did two years prior, Em initially sat there intently watching as her nails were clipped, buffed and painted.  We had a fabulous time watching these two little girls with their magazines sit there like all the other ladies at the salon.  It was indeed a wonderful adventure and one that we'll never forget!  

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