Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unschoolers Take Over the Water Park

Today the girls and I headed to Breezy Picnic Grounds and Waterslides to meet up with some other unschooling families for a day of fun!  When we left the house it was rather warm and sunny and by the time we arrived (at the aptly named Breezy) it was significantly cooler.  We got settled, said our "hellos" and headed right over to the waterslides.  The girls had not been on waterslides before so they were not sure what to expect.  We quickly made it to the top and Grace decided that she was cool with going on her own so that Em could ride with me.  Em and I headed down first so we could be down there when Grace arrived.  No sooner did we get started on the journey down than did it become apparent that she absolutely adored waterslides!  As soon as we landed in the pool at the bottom she asked to go back up!  Grace arrived in the pool shortly after us, and was as proud of herself for going on her own as we were proud of her.  After the waterslides, we did a little swimming in the lake, had our lunch and visited with our friends.  The only way this day could have been any more fabulous is if it had been a warm, blue sky kinda day.  As we headed to the car Emma decried that: "Waterslides are awesome!" and Grace said:"We need to come back again and bring Daddy with us!"  Agreed!

A big thank you to Debra for letting me use the above picture. I realized on the way home that between all the water fun and chatting hat I didn't take any photos of this most wonderful adventure!  I was so grateful to arrive home and see this great photo posted on our Facebook group (and if you look  closely you'll see Em and I are in this picture too)!  Thanks, Debra!  I really appreciate it! 


  1. Being to busy for pictures is not a bad thing....you were so in the moment that you were completely with the girls, not viewing them through the lens. Glad you had a great day!

  2. Jess, it's so true! Sometimes getting out from behind the lens is so needed! For as much as I love taking pictures and blogging sometimes it's fun to leave the camera behind too! :)