Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday in Newport

Yesterday we met up in Newport with my parents, Kaitlyn, Eric and our friends (and my parents neighbors) from Frog Creek.  It was an absolutely glorious way to spend a day!
We all went because my mom had found a deal on Living Social to see a Taiko drum concert that was part of the Japan-American Festival that was taking place there.  The drumming was really amazing.  There was one song where three drummers were sitting on the ground (in a sit up position) playing those big drums.  Talk about a work-out! 
MamaK takes her concert watching very seriously!
After the concert we did a little exploring.  The Frog Creek crew had never been to Newport before.  For a first trip to Newport they couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!
After lunch (seafood, of course!) our friends decided to check out the Cliff Walk so many hugs and "good-byes" and "see ya soons" were said and off they went to explore a little more.  We did a little boat watching, duck watching and shop exploring. Headbands were bought (thanks, Eric!) and hats tried on.  A few of which probably should have been bought but were left for another time.  
And then it was time to say our good-byes.  It should be known that no one, especially the smallest among us, wanted to leave.  We easily could have spent several more hours (if not days) in Newport.  As we got into our car the girls made one last request.  "Can we get ice cream? Please?"  and shortly after that request was made we noticed that both had fallen asleep.  So, yes, we indeed stopped for ice cream for dinner, otherwise we would have had two very wide awake girls at midnight!  We stopped at a great little place in East Greenwich.  The ice cream was delish and the main street perfect.  The four of us agreed we could easily live there.  Hmmmm....something to contemplate, maybe?!


  1. Such a lovely time, in such a beautiful place! xo

  2. We couldn't have asked for a better day! Thanks for stopping by! It's such a treat to have a comment from you and I hope that all is well in your world!