Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Night. At The Mall.

There was.....
trying on funky sunglasses
and lovely headbands.  
a visit to the American Girl store. 
dessert (of course).
And looking fabulous while waiting for dessert. 
Followed by enjoying dessert while walking through the mall like they're 15 and 16 years old. 
Which lead to a visit to "Daddy's store" (of course) 
where they checked out all the super cool new things and entertained David and his friends with all their stories.

It was such a delightful way to spend the night. The mall was quiet and Grace and Emma were the only littles there (at least the only littles that I saw). It was amazing and wonderful and truly fabulous. As we wandered through the mall, the three of us hand in hand in hand, I couldn't help but (once again) think how truly blessed we are to live this most amazing lifestyle. I love that there was nothing stopping the three of us from heading out to the mall on a Tuesday evening. I love how much they love being together (with each other and with David and I, too). I love seeing them check things out, show things to each other ("Emma, you've just got to see this!") and how they can window shop with the best of them. I love how they love to surprise David whenever we are there and how they have all sorts of stories to tell his friends when we are visiting (Emma's tonight all started with "Don't forget...."). On the drive home, with the windows down and the three of us singing along to the songs in our iTunes playlist, I realized that this is what bliss is. I found myself thinking ahead to life ten years from now, and then twenty, knowing in my soul that this bond that the four of us share, that this bliss that exists, will always be this strong. And just when I think I couldn't be any more grateful for all that this incredible life has given me I am!