Monday, June 3, 2013

A Trip To The Butterfly Place

Last week since we released our butterflies it seemed like the perfect time to visit The Butterfly Place.
When you first arrive you get to see the various stages of the life cycle of the butterfly.
The Monarch chrysalides are just gorgeous!
Then it's time to go into the butterfly flight zone. 
It's such a magical place. The girls were totally in awe. 
"Mama! Look!" was heard lots!
Atlas Moth. 
We bought a couple of these butterfly identification cards. 
Double-sided and laminated and only $1.00? How could we not?!
We also learned that they sell Luna Moth cocoons. The girls and I had just been looking online to purchase some and hadn't had much luck. We were thrilled to get to bring two of them home. 
Luna Moth cocoon. 
And now we wait again....


  1. What a great spot and luna moths, how exciting!!!!

    1. I know! We couldn't be more excited! They say they will hatch any time between now and July. Grace is hoping they arrive on her birthday (July 16)!

  2. I hope you have success. I would love to see one......