Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympic Medals And Flags

Last week my friend Meredith over at Momgineer posted a link on her Facebook page about these awesome Olympic medal tracking books. Knowing how much my girls would love this we printed the packet out, got the necessary supplies and got to work (yes, last week, there's just so much goodness in our world that I am only just now getting around to sharing about these)!
Much as I thought, the girls loved this project! Since we were already tracking five countries medals it made sense to use those same five countries in these books. 
They were so focused that you could hear a pin drop (well, perhaps if we didn't have the Glenn Miller station playing on Pandora you could have heard a pin drop, but you get the point). 
They were able to locate all five countries flags with no problems. I was super impressed!
We thought some fun curling ribbon ties would make the books fun and festive. 
Sweden was chosen in honor of the semester abroad that Dave's sister spent there back in her college days. 
Last night, the girls, along with help from their Lego lovin' Papa made these fabulous Lego flags (another idea courtesy of Meredith)! They had such fun with this and the flag making only ended when we turned the Olympics on!
Today: updating their books with the latest medal count. 
This Winter Olympics has been so fun for us! We have loved watching the games (and especially love all the stories on the athletes- it's where we first learned about Jaime Anderson- as well as segments about life in Russia- especially this one on Matryoshka dolls). We have loved reading about Russia and we have loved keeping track of the medals. I am constantly impressed by how much the girls know about the various games and how many different flags they can identify! The teachable moments that the Sochi Olympics have provided for all of us have been outstanding, and we will surely be sad to see the games end. 


  1. So sweet! We ran into another hsing family and their oldest was also tracking the medal count, so he and H had a fun time talking about all the medals and countries. Too funny. I will be sad when the Olympics are over! I think tomorrow we will spend some time catching up on some of the events since we haven't watched any in a few days now. With this weather we are lucky we can have our own Olympic sporting events outside!!! Now to convince my husband I need a curling rink! =)

  2. A curling rink would be awesome! The girls were using our front yard (that has a hill down to our driveway) as a sledding run! I think they could do slopestyle skiing and snowboarding out there too! :)