Saturday, February 22, 2014


We had the most glorious time celebrating Emma's sixth trip around the sun yesterday! Everything about this day was just perfect. From the moment she woke up: "Mama! Mama! Aren't I six? Aren't I six now?!" to the minute she headed to bed with her tools, tool belt and hard hat in tow (she loves them so) and everything in between, this day just radiated happiness, joy and love. Basically, it radiated Emma.

We've always been a family who loves a good gathering. Though it should also be noted that we're also a family who likes to keep things on a smaller scale too (which is not to say we haven't had larger gatherings that we've loved). For us, we really love having the chance to truly spend time with the people we're closest too and it's hard to do that at larger scale parties. Plus, those type of parties have *never* been Emma's thing. Sure, she will spend 364 days talking all about the party she wants for her birthday but as the day draws nearer she usually says she just wants a celebration with just us (or in the case of her fourth birthday she refuses to turn that age all together: "I not four, I only Emma!"). With this in mind we decided to take a different approach in regard to birthday celebrations (and Emma was our test run). Rather than do a more traditional party we came up with the idea that we choose a few friends to meet up with at different times throughout the day. This way the kids can truly spend time together, the birthday child gets to be the center of attention but doesn't need to get pulled in many different directions by lots of friends, and we can do a few fun things rather than just one fun party. It worked beautifully! Everyone had a fabulous time and it was much less stressful than planning and hosting a party (read: there was not tons of clean up to do later on! Score!). This all culminated with the four of us celebrating at home at the end of the day with the gorgeous (and yummy) birthday cake we made, the reading of the birthday ring story and the lighting of the birthday ring candles. I think it's safe to say that this is the way we shall celebrate birthdays from here on out! 


  1. Looks like a fabulous time. As you know we don't do big birthday celebrations for many of same reasons, plus a few others, but the way you set it up is wonderful. I will remember this for when Reece decided he might want to celebrate a little differently :)

    Happy birthday Emma!!!!

  2. Oh what a lovely birthday ring - so clever and such a great way to have really big candles to blow out!