Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Smiles::Trains, Groundhogs And A Birthday

Our morning started as all Sunday mornings do. Dave did our weekly food shopping and the girls and I got things organized for the day ahead. After everything was done there was still a wee bit of time before we needed to leave for church so the girls got out their train set. I love that they still love this train set as much as they did the day my parents gave it to them. You really can't go wrong with a classic toy! 
After church we returned home, had a lovely lunch and watched The Kitten Bowl (the cuteness was just ridiculous!). Once the Kitten Bowl was done we decided to make our traditional Groundhog Day treat (click here, here and here for a little blast from the past). While watching Grace mix the pudding I couldn't help but wonder exactly when it was that she grew up. She looks older to me all of a sudden and her eighth birthday is still a good five-ish months away. 
While we were making these pudding cups it occurred to me that I forgot a few things to make the cookies look more like a groundhog rather than a cookie with a face (this head cold really is doing a number on me being able to think clearly)! Next year, I'll be sure to have all the necessary supplies on hand so they actually look like groundhogs! 
In addition to it being Groundhog Day and Candlemas Day and Super Bowl Sunday and Superb Owl Sunday it also happens to be David's Grandma's 96th birthday! So, even though we're all the way up here and she's all the way on Long Island we wanted to take a quick moment to wish her a very happy birthday! She's a hot ticket this grandma of his and I wish we lived closer so we could celebrate with her! Happy Birthday, Grandma! May this next year be full of love and laughter and time spent with those you hold most dear! We love you! xoxo

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