Monday, February 3, 2014

At The Laundromat

Over the weekend we discovered that our dryer wasn't drying (it's twenty-one years old so this is not terribly surprising). Dave is pretty sure that the thermostat is the problem this time around. Sadly, he was unable to get a new one yesterday (hence our trip to the laundromat today). Much like our trips to the laundromat this past September the girls pretty much took care of the whole task (seriously, these two totally rock)! With three dryers going the wash was done in no time at all, and then with the three of us working together to fold it all we had that done in a flash too! The laundry is one of those tasks that I've never truly enjoyed, however, as we three were working on it together today a thought occurred to me: We should make this task a part of our daily (or weekly) family rhythm. If we do, then it will surely get done in a much more timely fashion. After all, as my Grandma liked to say: "many hands make light work!" 

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