Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Night At The Ballet

Last night Dave's mom, the girls and I attended the Boston Ballet's opening night performance of The Nutcracker! It was the first time we had attended the Boston Ballet (and it was the first time the girls had seen a professional ballet company perform).

We arrived at the gorgeous Boston Opera house about thirty minutes before showtime and quickly found our seats. They were fabulous, though I am not sure that there's a bad seat in the house! The music began, the curtain went up and right from the first note the magic of The Nutcracker captivated us all. The dancing, the costumes, the sets, the music; it was all absolutely spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful (the snow scene was truly gorgeous)! This Boston Globe article from 2013 describes beautifully what we experienced last night (though I don't agree with the criticisms expressed by the author of this piece).

I am so very glad that this production of The Nutcracker was the girls first. For this to be their first ballet in the city they love made it even more special. As I told Dave today I wouldn't mind if attending opening night of The Nutcracker became a family tradition (and I do think he would really enjoy this version, too) it was absolutely that spectacular. And just like Clara waking up from her dream to discover that the crown the Sugar Plum Fairy gave her really is on her head we too will cherish this night, and the magic of it all, forever. xo


  1. How wonderful to go to opening night. It is such a great ballet. So glad you guys enjoyed it. Such a special treat this time of year.

    1. Oh, Kim, one year you and Reece must come to Boston and go see The Nutcracker! This performance was easily the best, most beautiful that I have ever seen! xo