Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Which Grace And Emma Meet Tomie dePaola

Another day, another book signing! Today's book signing took place at Wegmans and happened to be one of our most favorite children's book authors- Tomie dePaola! Tomie dePaola's books have been some of my most favorites since I was a little girl, and I just love that the girls love them as much as I did when I was their age! David had picked up a copy of Tomie's latest book for us (our ticket into the signing) and we were super excited to learn that he would also sign copies of his other books as well. Though we have many of his books (and would have loved to have had them all signed) we chose to bring with us The Birds of Bethlehem and The Friendly Beasts, both of which had been given to Grace and Emma last Christmas by their Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron.

We arrived about an hour before the signing and were thrilled to have scored a spot near the front of the line. We passed the time reading, knitting and chatting, and it wasn't long before Tomie was making his way to his fans. During his welcome speech he shared with us a bit about himself (he's 81), how long he's been writing (50 years) and how he came to create Strega Nona. He then treated us to a reading of the original Strega Nona (in honor of the 40th anniversary of the book)!

When the story was over the book signing began. Pictures were taken, conversations were had and books were signed. Meeting Tomie dePaola was truly such a delight and a complete dream come true! He is just the way I expected he'd be: sweet and charming, and the kind of person you'd love to be able to spend the day visiting with. Tonight, as we shared our "roses and thorns of the day" the rose of each of our days was the same: meeting Tomie dePaola! The only thorn that anyone had about today was that David was not able to be there for this truly incredible experience. xo

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