Thursday, November 5, 2015

Good Things

Yesterday at dinner we decided to name all the good things that happened in the midst of what felt like a less than stellar day. And while there is no doubt that yesterday was truly terrible (a broken fridge, a car accident for Dave, and a broken windshield for my car) it was amazing that our "good things" list easily outweighed our "yucky things" list. Our list was:

-Another day spent together. 
-It was a beautiful day. 
-Morning lessons. 
-Playing outside. 
-Working together to fill the camping cooler. 
-Daddy wasn't hurt in his accident (and it wasn't his fault).
-Friends who make us laugh when all we've been doing is crying.
-Grace (who has been working so very hard on mastering the cartwheel) finally did a gorgeous one at dance class! 

And just like that the day didn't look so gloomy anymore. Sure, it's not a day we'd want to repeat anytime soon, but the simple act of naming the good things really helped to end the day on a much happier note than it began. Looking for the good in the midst of the not-so-good has always been soemthing that I have done, but never more so than five years ago when we were going through an extraoridinarily challenging and heartbreaking time. If it wasn't for looking for the good in the midst of the not-so-good or "skimming the cream" (as it's called here) I'm not sure that we would have made it through that time like we did. It's a simple and powerful tool, dear ones, and I am so very glad that it was able to work its magic once again yesterday. xo


  1. Beautiful post Shel. So sorry about your day yesterday, things truly do happen in threes don't they :(

    It is hard sometimes to find the good things in life, but they are there, we just need to look a little harder sometimes. I am so very grateful for my evening gratitude practice, it always allows me to look back on the day and be come aware of just how blessed I am, even during the hard times.


    1. Thanks, Kim! They really do, don't they?!

      You are so right that it can be hard to find the good things in life and sometimes life can throw you so many curve balls that it takes a while to find the bright spots in each day but they are indeed there if we look hard enough. Five years ago, it was this practice (and my sweet girls) that got me through that dark time we were going through. It truly made all the difference!

      I had a feeling you'd be doing something similar to this, and it really is such a lovely way to end even the hardest of days! xo