Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lantern Making

With our church holding their first lantern walk this evening it seemed like the perfect excuse to make some new lanterns this week. Our other jar lanterns were about four or five years old and pretty badly faded. We didn't make new ones last year since we had opted for the lovely (yet not nearly as easy) balloon lanterns. They sure were pretty, but goodness if we make those again we'll definitely not use such dark purple paper!

We had conducted a lantern making workshop at church a few weeks ago so all the supplies were still in the bags and boxes that we had brought them to church and back in. We got them out and got our craft on! While we crafted we chatted and sang. It was a perfect way to spend a cold afternoon. 

Dave made lantern holders for the people who come to the walk tonight, and we added a little bling to our lanterns for tonight, too (pictures to come). The sweet little sparkly addition to our lanterns has made them even more magical than they already were! xo

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