Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Lantern Walk Last Night

It was such a completely perfect night for the first annual Plymouth Church lantern walk last night. The wind, which had been so very blustery all day, was almost nonresistant that evening (thank you, Mother Nature!) and the stars and a lovely finger nail moon were present, too. We gathered in the sanctuary where lanterns were lit, lantern holders handed out, stories were read and songs were sung before we ventured out for the much looked forward to lantern walk. The quiet darkness of the night paired with the sea of beautiful lanterns shining their lovely light was absolutely breathtaking! We walked and sang and walked some more before gathering for one final song (easily the most beautiful of the night) and some pictures before saying our "good-byes" and "see you tomorrows". It was another truly magical night with our beloved church family. 

We are so incredibly grateful to be part of a faith community that we love so dearly, and who loves us just as dearly and has embraced us (and our Waldorf ways) so completely. It is such a blessing to be able to call Plymouth Church "home", to have the chance to be part of such a special place as this, to be able to share in the traditions that have been around for eons and to have the chance to help create new ones, too. 

Thank you, Plymouth Church, for being. Thank you for loving us and welcoming our love and our family in return. You are truly the beloved community and we are so incredibly blessed to be a part of it. Thank you for sharing this very special night with us. We look forward to many more lantern walks together for years to come! xo 


  1. Sounds like it was a beautiful evening my friend. Love your lanterns.

    1. Thanks, Kim! It was such a gorgeous evening and made even more special by the people we got to share it with! For the last several years we had gathered with other Waldorf homeschoolers for the lantern walk, and while everyone was always super nice and welcoming to us we only saw this group (definitely) once a year so we didn't really have a deep connection with them. It was lovely to bring this tradition to people that are like family to us and really made the night even more meaningful! xo