Monday, November 9, 2015

In Which Grace And Emma Meet Giada

We have been a Williams-Sonoma family since before we were a family (this will be Dave's seventeenth Christmas with the company!) but until today the girls and I had never attended a celebrity chef cookbook signing. Over the years Dave has had the honor of meeting many celebrity chefs (some more than once even) and we have amassed quite a lovely collection of signed cookbooks from these events. Today the girls and I were thrilled to be able to attend our first ever signing, and even more excited that it was Giada De Laurentiss who we had the honor to meet.

Giada was indeed as lovely in person as she is on screen. She instantly connected with the girls and spent a fair amount of time talking with them. We spent far more time chatting with Giada than I had expected we would have, and as a result I was so grateful that we were at practically the end of the line (and therefor not really holding anyone up). The girls shared with her how much the love seeing her on Food Network Star and she let us know that they'll begin filming new episodes in January!

The entire experience today was truly fabulous! The staff at Williams-Sonoma did an absolutely wonderful job, and Giada was truly a delight to meet! What a truly special day, and one that we will surely talk about for years to come. Next up: choosing which recipe to make as our first from her lovely new cookbook! xo

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