Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday brought with it Emma's first lost tooth at home and a visit from the tooth fairy that night! 

She woke up this morning covered in glitter (as always) with a sweet note and a little bundle waiting for her, too. "That's an awfully big bundle. mama! I wonder how she got it here? Maybe she needed lots of fairies to help her!" She was so very happy to see all the beads when she opened the bundle, and quickly set about deciding which beads she would keep and which she'd give to Grace when she woke up. "I just love my tooth fairy, mama! She always leaves me the best treasures!" she said as she spun around the kitchen after she had finished making her lovely necklace. "I can't wait for Grace to wake up so she can make hers, too!"  xo

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