Monday, November 14, 2016

New Dance Bags

Last Tuesday, my very dear (and incredibly talented) friend Sharon stopped by with a surprise for the girls. She has recently begun making bags and asked if she could make a bag for each girl. Originally they were to be overnight bags, but when we were chatting and I mentioned something about them needing new dance bags she switched gears. She chose the perfect fabric for each of them (and it's even got some sparkle in it!)  and made sure to include plenty of pockets on the inside for all of their dance shoes and other supp;lies. The girls were so incredibly surprised when Sharon arrived with these bags, and after much excitement and many "thank yous" they ran off to empty their old bags and fill their new ones. In the almost week that they've had them we have received many, many compliments on them. People are always blown away to learn that a friend of ours made them! Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your talents with us. These bags are far more wonderful than anything we could have bought for the girls. We are so very grateful for such a wonderful gift! xo

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