Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Hats!

For the last couple of years the girls and I have had this goal of knitting hats for the upcoming winter. And yet each year it seems that winter comes before we have even cast on a single stitch. And, if I'm being completely honest here, two out of the three of us really need to improve our knitting skills a bit more before we attempt hats.

And so, as the first bit of winter was felt in the air I realized that the hats the girls have had for the last few years really were in no condition to be their hats again this year. Knitted winter hats are totally their "thing" and honestly, it makes it super easy to spot them when we are out and about since no one else will be wearing hats like theirs. I pondered trying to knit a couple of hats for them and quickly dismissed that idea (though I am bound and determined that 2017 will be The Year of the Hat). Instead, I decided to reach out to my friend Julie who made their last hats and see if she may be willing to do so again. A quick Facebook message to her and an equally quick reply back found us then discussing yarn colors and hat patterns followed by Julie casting on for the first hat a few days later.

They arrived last Friday and are absolutely gorgeous! These hats look fabulous with their winter coats as well as their fleeces. The girls were absolutely overjoyed to have such lovely new hats to wear this winter! With any luck these will last as long as the last ones did! And with just as much luck (and practice) we'll learn to knit some hats of our own before the end of next year!

Thank you, Julie, for sharing your talents with us once again! We are very grateful and  feel very blessed to have a bit of your handywork in our home again! xo

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