Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sybil Ludington

Last Friday Grace dressed up as Sybil Ludington for her "power of one" project presentation for the Girl Scout meeting. The Juniors in the troop were given the task of choosing and researching a well known (or not-so-well known) woman who has contributed something to the world and doing a presentation on her. They were given a list of possible presentation ideas, but were not limited to those presentation ideas only. And so after pulling out all the books we own about women who've made a difference Grace proudly chose Sybil Ludington. She loved that she was only sixteen and that she volunteered to help when it was clearly very needed. 

Noticing the cape in the pictures of Sybil, she asked if she could dress up like her. And, as luck would have it, hanging in my closet was the colonial girl costume that my Grandma Ruth had made when I was about Grace's age. The costume came together perfectly! She decided that she'd like to draw a picture in her main lesson book and include the briefest of summaries underneath it. She filled out another sheet on her, as well. When it came time for her to present she did a great job (as did the other Juniors as well)! It was such a fun meeting and we all came away learning more about three incredible women that we did before! xo

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