Sunday, November 20, 2016

Twenty Years

This past week my sorority chapter celebrated twenty years since our chartering day. It's crazy to think that twenty years ago I was a sophomore in college and that the spring before our chartering (spring of my freshman year, that is) I stood up in front of the entire Greek community and gave a presentation on why we should we allowed to start a new sorority on campus. Not only was speaking in front of a group that large during my first year in college not something I ever thought I'd do, but starting a new chapter (and being its colony and first chapter president) was also something that I never imagined doing either. But there I was doing it and as they say, the rest is history. 

And so, this past weekend, a gathering was held to celebrate this incredible milestone. Since I was not able to attend the brunch  I decided I'd use the time to get some cleaning done in preparation for Thanksgiving. The girls and I were sorting through pile after pile when I came across this beautiful letter from one of my sorority sisters. I had come upon it many, many months before when I was looking for something else and I set it aside to (re)read later. I hadn't read it when I initially found it all those months ago, but when I re-discovered it yesterday I made sure to do so right then. It seemed much more than fitting since our twentieth anniversary had happened earlier in the week, and the brunch was close to starting then. Even more fitting, Suzanne, the author of this beautiful letter, had flown in from Virginia to attend the celebration. 
After I finished reading it, I knew I had to send a picture of this letter to her. If for no other reason then to let her know that her beautiful words meant as much to me then as they did all those years ago. Oh, and the fact that she wrote in it, "and if in twenty years I  remember nothing else of our four years here at school...." made it even more essential that I share this letter with her right then.
Shortly after I hit send on my message, Suzanne wrote back, sharing with me how much seeing this meant to her. She and Stefanie requested that I come down to visit. And while I couldn't get down there right then we began to hatch a plan for the girls and I to come down and meet up with everyone for dinner. 

And so we took a little road trip to Connecticut to meet up with some of of my Delta Gamma sisters for dinner last night. It was such a treat to get to celebrate and catch up with Suzanne, Stefanie, Sharon and Stacy. I got to hear all about the brunch earlier that day, and we chatted about plans for the holidays and about  life in general. It was as if we met up like this for dinner all the time. If only that was the case! 

Finally, it was time to say our good-byes and head home. As we journied home Grace said to me: "Mama, I loved meeting the ladies tonight. Everyone was so nice!" And Emma agreed saying: "I hope we can see them again soon!" Questions about Delta Gamma filled the car, and many stories were shared. Once the last question had been asked and the last story had been shared we were all quiet for awhile. It's amazing to think back on all the stories, all the experiences, all the songs and all the friendships. Some have come and gone, and some continue on regardless of the miles and years between us. Thank you, sisters, for a lovely night. It was the perfect way to celebrate twenty years of sisterhood! Love + ITB. xo

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  1. That is such a wonderful letter and I am so glad you got to meet up with your Delta Gamma sisters and enjoy reminiscing and seeing everyone. What a great opportunity for the girls to hear about their mom's time at university as well. I'm so happy you had a good time!!!