Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring, dear friends!  To celebrate the first day of this wonderful season, and this amazing stretch of weather we've been having (70 degrees in March?! Simply fabulous!) we headed into Boston, stopped by the Children's Museum (David had never been, and on a day like this we felt it wouldn't be too crowded), took a walk, and a picnic lunch.

On our way to Boston we passed by some of the areas that are 
still dealing with flooding after last weekends storms.

It just so happened to be healthcare day at the museum. 
The girls got to adopt a stuffed animal and have the doctors/nurses check it out.

And they made doctors bags.
So fun!

We had to explore the new Curious George exhibit too.

After lunch,we walked along the Harbor Walk.
As always, The Barking Crab was super crowded.

On our way home, we stopped by DQ for our first family DQ trip of the season.

Everyone else in the area had the same idea.
As a result, there was nowhere to sit, so we ate in the car. 
With the windows down and moon roof open, of course.

Once we arrived home we helped Mother Nature by clearing out some of the gardens.

On a day like this we had no other choice but to grill. 

And to have a picnic dinner.
We loved being able to get out and enjoy all aspects of nature today, both in the city and at home.
Most of all we loved being able to spend time together. 
We hope each of you had a wonderful day too. 
Happy First Day of Spring!
We'll see you tomorrow.

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