Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mellow Wednesday

Our day has been rather tame today.  Nothing real exciting going on, but a lovely day nonetheless.

We headed to the library for story time today and came home with some awesome books:

And another super cute craft.  Today's theme was weather.  Specifically rain since we've had so much lately. 

Before we left the library. the girls asked to check out a movie.  We headed upstairs to take a peek and came home with a couple.  We watched one before nap/quiet time.  

And while the Barbie movie was being watched, I set about making chicken stock.  I've never done this before but have always wanted to, and since we had roast chicken for for dinner last night I decided to try my hand at making my own chicken stock today.  I used this recipe.  So far it smells really good!
Yesterday we made crayons (using all the old, broken, extra crayons we had laying around),  today chicken stock! 

Sometimes, mellow days like this are just perfect. 
And today has been just that. 
We'll see you tomorrow.  

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  1. WoW You all have been busy! I just wandered around the blog and you have been enjoying yourselves. And that is how it is done! Good luck with the seeds, love that mini starter house...