Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Trip to the Library

Someone made this large box into a planetarium.  
Inside it's been painted black and there are glow in the dark stars. 
What a fabulous idea!

We arrived and discovered we had the library to ourselves.  What a treat!  We got to chat with Mrs. Kim and the girls found all sorts of wonderful books to look at and chose ome to bring home.  Em headed right to the planetarium box, and Grace settled in with a few good books and the snuggily giant moose.  Story hour started a little bit later (todays theme was food) and Mrs. Kim read four books to the children and then had a wonderful activity prepared for them.  They got to glue pictures of food into a menu she had made for each child.  So simple but so much fun!  Of course, no trip to the library is complete without handstamps.  Grace is sporting new princess handstamps on both hands, and Emma chose a star.  

I think we are going to make Wednesday story hour part of our weekly doings.  

Enjoy the rest of this glorious day, dear ones. 
We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. They are indeed! And it's because of you and Rosemarie at Sweet Home Days that we decided to venture away from our very disappointing town library and find a new library to call home. It was the next town over, a town incidentily that we are in all the time too. Funny how sometimes the things you are looking for are right under your nose. So, thank you! Thank you for inspiring us to go try a different library! It has made a world of difference and given my girls the experience I always wanted them to have!

  2. So glad that I actually inspired someone from our adventures. Your library looks like a great find.
    Keep exploring!