Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nap Time. Or Maybe Not.

Nap time was clearly not on the girls agenda today.  I put both of them upstairs today with the hopes that they would in fact nap, but after about thirty minutes I realized that neither one was going to be doing so.  I decided that since it was 2:30pm we needed to do something fun.  Go somewhere.  Otherwise it was going to make for a rather l-o-n-g afternoon.

I hopped online and checked the hours for our local children's museum.  The one in Boston is way better, but parking over there is a problem and so I ruled that one out. We have a membership to the one in Acton and since they are (now) open until 4:30pm we headed over there.

"Hi Gramma!"

Whoever made these costumes is brilliant!  
Each one is a vest which makes for very easy on and off.  
So cool!

Playing with the sand box.
Think zen garden with colorful sand and wide tooth combs.

We could have played with this the entire time.

Inside the bubble machine.

If you look closely you can see the bubble.

Going during nap time was perfect.
There were not too many people there which was totally fabulous.
And now that the girls are older it's super easy to be the only adult there with them.
Next time they don't want to nap, you'll know where to find us!
Have a wonderful night, dear friends.
We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the afternoon field trip :)I had fun too! **Love You All** XXXs & OOOs

  2. Mine quit napping at two. :) Too busy, I guess.
    They sleep longer at night, so it's all good!
    The museum looks like it's in a house, is it?

  3. Stephanie, It is indeed in an old house. It's quite an interesting place, three floors of fun, but can be rather hard to navigate when they are really little and one is not walking (or is a new walker). Now that they are older and more independent though it's a much easier trip!

    Em is still napping once per day but if she naps in the car for longer than 30 minutes (which happened yesterday morning) all bets are off on a nice long nap later on. So we chose to seize the day and head to the museum. Perfect. Just what we needed. :)