Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thanks Goodness for Friends

Yesterday afternoon while preparing lunch I discovered that we had no hot water.  Dave was at work, and so we had to wait until he got home to figure out what the problem was.

Dave arrived home, checked the water heater and noticed that the pilot light was out.  He re-lit it and we didn't think about it again until it was time to bathe the girls.  While getting everything ready to bathe them, we realized that the water was barely lukewarm.  Back down to the basement Dave goes to discover that the pilot light is in fact still lit. Now what?  We had no idea, but we knew that bath time was certainly not on the agenda last night.

Dave consulted with our plumber neighbor, Mr. Fred, and came back to put some of his suggestions to work.  A little while later Dave and I headed to bed.  He did not sleep well, thinking all night of the water heater and hoping that it was not going to need to be replaced (we had installed in about three years ago).

We woke up this morning to discover yet again that we had no hot water. So, I decided that the girls and I will head to church and give Dave some peace to figure out the next steps to fixing the water heater.

Thank goodness for awesome friends!  Our dear friends Sarah and Ben arrived at church the same time the girls and I did.  Our two families blend together really well, to the point that when we are all together we function more like one big family than friends. Each of us looking out for the others children, and stepping in to help each other out whenever necessary.  It is such an amazing blessing to have friends like them in our lives and it was just what I needed today.

Sarah offered their bathroom to us for baths/showers. I had hoped that when the girls and I returned from church that we would have hot water, but unfortunately that was not the case. So, there was only one thing to do:  take Sarah up on the offer to use their bathroom later on. I prepared dinner, fed the girls, packed our stuff up and headed over to Sarah and Ben's. It was lovely to have the chance to sit, talk and have a glass of wine while the girls played. It really was the best part of this very frustrating day.

The simple offer of hospitality really helped to make this very crazy day so much better.  
Everything worked out in the end (we have hot water again) and we even got to see our friends a couple of times today too!
What a day.
On that note, I am going to head to bed. 
As always, we'll see you tomorrow.

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