Friday, May 7, 2010


Yesterday, while Grace was at a playdate, Emma and I, along with Mary and her tribe, headed to Harvard Square to sample the delectable confections at Sweet.  Sweet is a cupcake shop, and the cupcakes are as tasty as they are pretty!  We had quite a hard time choosing which one we each wanted!

Emma loves to eat things from the bottom up.  
This even includes ice cream cones!

Emma and I decided that we had to bring one home for Daddy and one home for Grace.  
We knew how much they would love a cupcake, especially one that comes in its own box.  

Grace was thrilled it had pink sprinkles (is there any other color?) and a pink ribbon on the box.
Emma was thrilled that Grace offered to share some of her cupcake with her. 
David was surprised to discover a little box waiting for him when he got home from work late last night. 
Clearly, life is sweet.


  1. I Believe that "SWEET" at Harvard Square should create a poster for their shoppe window from the final pic shown here ~~~ her happy grin sez it all :) XOXOXO

  2. I like that one too! A trip there with you is in order sometime soon! :)