Monday, May 17, 2010

Life is Good

Saturday was a jam packed day.  Dave spent all day outside, mowing the lawn and preparing the garden for the seedlings that will be calling it home soon (we hope to plant seeds when the girls are older, for now we will stick with the seedlings as we have done the last several years). Since Dave was so busy the girls and I decided to head out in search of adventure.  We went to a consignment sale at Mothers and Company (such a fabulous place!) with the hopes of finding clothes for both girls, but mostly for Grace who clearly has had a growth spurt recently.  While we had no luck in the play clothes department, we did happen upon a perfect white dress, befitting a little soon-to-be four year old who is obsessed with weddings and princesses!

After naptime, the girls and I went to the yoga meetup. It was great for Grace to get to see where we go for yoga and to participate in the weekend class.  We had a great time.  She spent more time watching/following along with what Emma was doing than what the teacher, Alexandra, was doing, which was a little surprising to me, but clearly both girls were thrilled to be there, and more importantly thrilled to be there with each other.  When we got home, Dave was done with all the yard work and we decided a trip to Kimball Farm was in order for dinner, ice cream and a visit with the animals.  

Yesterday, we ran errands in the morning, swung by Russell's (another of our favorite places) to check on what seedlings we had to choose from for the garden and then stopped by the food store to pick up stuff for lunch.  We decided to grill; chicken sausages and pineapple and make baked sweet potato wedges (drizzled with maple syrup) for lunch.  It was delish.  The girls could not get enough of the fresh pineapple.  It's a miracle any of it made it to the grill!

Today, the weather is incredible and we had no plans (such a treat!) so we headed outside after a lazy start to our day.  The girls got right to exploring and discovering and after awhile asked for some water to play with. I dug out the water table and filled it up.  The girls took over from there...

Ah, life is good. 
Have a wonderful week everyone. 
We'll see you tomorrow. 


  1. That little white dress is just TOO Cute!!! Good find ;)

  2. Love the shot of the dress at the window!
    :) I love "near window" shots. (all that delicious lighting.)

  3. Thank, Stephanie! It was totally a gift from the shopping gods to find such a fabulous dress like that at a consignment sale! What a treat! Grace gasped as soon as she saw it, as if right then and there her wish for a white dress had come true (and indeed it had)!

    Stephanie, I too love "near the window" shots. That particular picture however about did me in. It made me flash forward about 20 years to seeing her peering out a window in her wedding gown on her wedding day. Oh gosh, this mama was so not ready for that mental image. :) I'll have to hold on to this picture and make sure to get on like it on her wedding day and show her both someday. So sweet!