Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Visit With Friends

Yesterday my fabulous goddaughter, Hannah and her boyfriend, Brad arrived. It had been almost eight years since I last saw her, so when she contacted me about coming to visit I was thrilled! They were heading to Connecticut to visit her dad and wanted to stop by on their way down.  Perfect!  They arrived mid-afternoon with lots of delicious goodies from Vermont (which only increased my desire to move there even more) and much fun (and food) was had by all.

After we adults had a chance to catch up, a lovely concert was performed. 
Grace debuted her new song: "Maine is a wonderful place."
This was especially funny since she has never been to Maine!

Brad plays a mean triangle!

Em took a moment from her dancing to cool off. 
Yes, we had the central air on.
It was however taking forever for the first floor to get cool since it was easily in the high 90s yesterday.

Hannah and Grace quickly became friends. 

It's amazing how much Emma looks like Hannah's sister when she was this age. 
That was back in the day when Sara still spelled her name with the 'h' at the end.  

And now we have come full circle.  
My girls snuggled up with Hannah like she and Sarah used to do with me 
when I would come over to babysit.  
Ah, such good, good memories...
It was a wonderful visit.  
The only way it could have been any better is if Sara was able to be there too. 
One day we'll have to make that happen.
Have a wonderful night, dear friends (and safe travels back home tomorrow Hannah and Brad).

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