Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

The girls have been really into watching Finding Nemo.  It's been a favorite since the very first moment they saw it, and so with that in mind (along with the untimely demise of our African Dwarf Frogs) we thought it would be fun to set a little fish bowl up and let them have some fish of their own.  We attempted to start this whole venture on Friday but it was not meant to be that evening.  However, this morning, while discussing our day, Grace asked if we could get the fish today.  A quick call to David to make sure he did not want to be there for the fun that was likely to ensue helped to seal the deal. We finished breakfast, got dressed and head over to the local pet store where we quickly acquired a bowl, some gravel and other necessary items and three adorable fantail goldfish.

"Emma!  Let me have a turn!"

For those familiar with Finding Nemo, the Tiki God was a must! 
Here's to hoping we can keep our three fish alive for a good long while.  
Have a wonderful day, friends. 
We'll see you tomorrow.  

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