Monday, May 3, 2010

New Friends

Today we headed to OSV and finally had a chance to meet up with MamaK and her tribe and Heart Rockin' Mama and hers.  The children quickly got to playing together, and us Moms hung out as if we had been getting together (in real life) for years.  It's so nice to meet people that you have a feeling you would click well with and have it be true.

The girls and I had such a wonderful time with our new friends today, and are looking forward to many more wonderful times and adventures with them!
Thanks for a fun day, friends! 
We hope to see you soon!


  1. We were so glad to have finally met! You all made a good outing even more fun. Can't wait till we cross paths again!

  2. It was lovely. I love days like this.
    I so enjoyed my chats with Grace :-)

  3. Thanks for such a fun day, girls!
    Until we meet again, sweet friends...