Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today Emma and I attended our first Itsy Bitsy Yoga class.  Yoga is something I had always wanted to do with the girls from the time they were both infants, but for various reasons it never worked out.  Until today that is!  While Grace was at preschool (only 8 more days, but who's counting?!) Emma and I headed to Absolute Yoga and had the most fantastic time.  It made me wish even more that the girls and I had been doing this right from the get go (and that I had maintained my yoga practice all these years too).

This evening at dinner we told David and Grace all about our adventure.  And since Em does not have enough words yet to share her thoughts on the day she climbed out of her chair and demonstrated all that she had learned.  What a treat!  Right away Grace says: "Mama, I want to go to yoga too!"

After Emma had demonstrated every pose she learned, 
Grace tried them out too. 

Both girls in bow pose. 

This is Em's favorite.

It was lovely to get to spend some one on one time with Em and to have this new experience be just the two of us. I did wish that Grace could have been there, but I think that for us to be really successful it was best to start with just Emma.  Once preschool is done, Grace will join us for the rest of this session and for all the sessions there after.  It's not often you find a Mommy and Me class that allows more than one me.  So fabulous!

So tonight, in honor of our time at yoga, I leave you with this:

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  1. ***** Sooooo glad that Emma got right into it; how wonderful she could share her experience with Grace :) Great Pics !