Sunday, July 11, 2010

Annual Birthday Bash!

In our family there are four July birthdays, and every year we get together at some point in July to celebrate them.  The birthday bash is primarily for family (and friends who are considered family) and is always an incredibly fun time.  Without fail there is always an abundance of good food, fun and conversation, and this year was no exception.  And of course, no birthday party (or any occasion for that matter) is complete without one of Mary's incredible cake creations!
Here without further adieu, pictures from this years event:

Aunt Kaitlyn made Grace's gift this year.  
And because she is known for putting lots of confetti inside things she helped her open it. 

A beautiful (and bejewled) fairy wand!

The kids made the best of the rainy afternoon. 

No party or gathering is complete without one of Mary's beautiful creations. 

Three of the four birthday people. 
Sadly, my was sick all week and still feeling terrible on Saturday. 
She was missed by all, especially Grace who had been looking 
forward to blowing their candles out together. 

We had filled the pool and water table in the morning when it was gorgeous out. 
After cake the kids could be delayed no longer. 
Swimsuits went on and much fun was had!
Somehow I ended up with the least amount of pictures ever taken at an event. Hopefully as other people send their pictures out I will be able to post a few more. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. It was a fabulous day, despite the wet weather! It's hard to believe that Grace turns four this coming Friday.  Where has the time gone? 

Have a wonderful night, dear friends.

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