Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day At The Lake

This week is Grace is taking swimming lessons.  She participated for the first time last year and loved them so much that she's been looking forward to this summer and "swimming classes" ever since!  Yesterday was a rather chilly day to be lakeside, but today was just perfect.  We arrived a little later than I would have liked but got their just in time for her not to miss a moment of her class!
Grace heads down the beach to meet up with her friends. 

Which means Em pretty much has this part of the lake to herself. 

The older girls have returned from their lesson.  

First discovery of the day.  

When my Mom stayed with the girls while we were at the James Taylor concert she poured a bucket of water down Em's back.  

Ever since then this has been her favorite thing to do. 

And of course, there is the joy of dumping water on an unsuspecting older sister!

The girls spent a lot of time finding things in the lake and collecting them in these buckets.  

Now, if only we could have caught some of the little fish to add to the buckets. 

A beautiful day at the beach was only made more lovely by a visit to the ice cream truck. 

It was a glorious day at the beach.   A beautiful day spent outside with good friends is good for the soul!
Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day, dear ones.  
With any luck we'll see you tomorrow!

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