Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Grace Elizabeth!

Four years ago today we were blessed to become the parents of (then) the sweetest baby ever.  From the moment she entered the world she brought with her peace, love and joy.  As soon as we looked at her we knew that the only name that would fit a child such as this, was Grace.  It took us a good couple of days to know that Elizabeth would be her middle name.  To say that we fell blissfully in love with this child is an understatement.  We were beyond smitten and have been ever since.  It is with great joy that we got to celebrate our sweet, first born daughter today and the happiness that she has brought to everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing her over the course of the last four years.  

Today, all of Grace's dearest friends gathered, in their fairy finest, to celebrate her birthday.  Since Grace has a love of fairies and building fairy houses, it was only fitting that she have a fairy party this year.  And it is with a very happy heart that I thank my two best friends, Mary and Sarah for this party.  For if it was not for Sarah happening upon this blog that we never would have thought to make this party as incredibly fabulous as it was.  And if it was not for Mary, godmother extroidinaire, and her talents and creative nature, I am not sure that we would have experienced a party such as this.  So thank you, dear friends, for making this day happen! 

The day started out with gifts from Gramma.  Essential gifts that had to be given just then so that they could be dressed just perfectly for such a special day.  
Happy Birthday, Grace Elizabeth! 
Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place for the last four years!
We love you!
Mama, Daddy and Emma


  1. Looks like a fun birthday! And the cake is amazing.

  2. It was truly the most incredible day! :)