Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aunt Donna Goes To OSV

Today we had hoped to take the girls to Edaville Railroad but since it was not open, we had to choose another family destination for our family field trip.  Somehow it was mentioned that Donna (Dave's sister) had never been to Old Sturbridge Village and has always wanted to go. We decided to head out there for the delicious Sunday Brunch that is offered each week and then explore the Village.  The girls easily could become costumed interpreters at OSV since they have pretty much grown up there.  They wasted no time after breakfast showing her around!

It was a wonderful day and we were so happy to be able to show Donna one of our favorite places!  We hope she had as much fun at OSV as we did.  It was wonderful to get to spend the weekend together and we hope to do it again real soon!

Have a wonderful night, dear ones. 
We'll see you tomorrow since I can officially be back to regular blogging thanks to Donna giving us her no longer needed Mac.  Thanks, Donna for sending that our way! It feels good to have a reliable computer again!  We have lots of fun in store this week.  Dave's mom is with us until Wednesday and Grace's kid party is Friday (her actual birthday).  Good times, dear friends.  Good times!

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