Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our (Not So Successful) Trip Blueberry Picking

Dave's Mom is with us for the first part of this week and yesterday, I thought it would be fun for us to go blueberry picking. I checked the website of the place we always go and another place that we go for apples but have never picked blueberries there and decided to go with the "new" place.  I posted this on my Facebook status in case any of our friends wanted to join us and we headed out.  We arrived, were greeted by our friends, went and paid the fee for our desired amount and began the trek into the field, 

only to discover that while there were certainly plenty of berries, none of them were what we would classify as ripe. So we headed to the other field where more blueberry bushes were located in the hopes that maybe there were plenty there. 

As you can see from the container that Grace is holding we were no more successful in patch #2.  

At this point, it was hot, sticky and generally gross.  It was also clear that this trip was a bust.  So Mary, being the good Long Island girl she is, gathered our containers and headed into the farm store to see about getting our money back.  She was indeed successful and we all headed home happy for having spent the morning together, but sad at our less than successful trip blueberry picking.  I think we'll try again next week, at the place we all usually go to pick berries and leave the orchard as the place we go for apples!  

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