Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Day Of Fire Trucks

On Saturday we headed to Fire and Ice Day at Old Sturbridge Village. We had never attended this event before, but since the pictures on their Facebook page looked awesome, and we have some dear friends of ours who are a firefighting family, we decided to head over and check it out. We arrived to discover two gorgeous trucks in the parking lot. 
We loved getting to climb inside and check them out. 
Everything runs on Dunkin' in New England. 
On our way in we passed the Field of Flags. 
We made a donation in my Dad's name on Father's Day in honor of his service in the Navy. 
You can see his name in the first column last one at the bottom. 
A better view (second from the top in this picture). 
This fire truck is 85 years old and hails all the way from Woodstock CT. The owner said he had to strip the whole thing down and completely restore it. He did a great job!
It was funny to see the current trucks parked in the Village. 
The crews sure keep these trucks shiny and gorgeous!
Carding wool. 'Cause why not?!
Watching the bucket brigade. 
This was the "ice" part of Fire and Ice Day. 
The girls love helping with all sorts of stuff at the village. 
Afterward the girls joined in the kids bucket brigade. 
Which really was just lots and lots of water play. 
Totally perfect on a hot summer day!
It such a fun day! The only thing that could have made it any better would have been to have our friends Rob and Jen there with us (they live in Virginia, otherwise they surely would have been there). Thankfully this is one of those events that's an annual thing so hopefully we can coordinate a visit with them sometime and have it include Fire and Ice day while they're here!

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