Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Morning And Evening

Since most of our afternoon time is spent at the lake I thought I'd give you a peek at what our mornings and evenings look like (or at least what it looked like yesterday). 
Yesterday morning began with the girls painting their nails. 
And looking about ten years older than they really are. 
David painted their toes for them this morning while I was out on my walk (which is why there are no pictures). 

Afterward it was time to head to the lake

We returned home, tired and happy. Quiet time and dinner was had. I ran a few errands and then David went to the Y. A quiet evening was in order after our very fun filled day, along with some gardening. 
I love the slow pace of our days. I love how each season has it's own rhythm. I love how there are days that just call for no background noise other than what's going on just outside our house (cars passing by, birds chirping, an occasional dog barking). And I love how it seems like the four of us always need those days at the same time. It's a joy to share this journey, and this space, with the three amazing souls I get to spend my days with. I love that we get to start and end each day with a meal together. And it is during dinner that we get to fill David in on the middle part of our day and hear about the goings on of his. It truly is an amazing life we lead and I am so grateful for it each and every day. 

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