Monday, July 1, 2013


I went out this evening in search of new bunting for the front porch (don't they look lovely?!) and while I was out I found some binoculars that I knew the girls would love. I scooped them up, and brought them home to surprise the girls with. They greeted me at the car and I greeted them with their fabulous treat. They raced into the house to show David who promptly helped them open the packaging. They spent the next half an hour looking at the world (and each other) through their new binoculars. "Oh, Mama, what a great surprise! Thank you!" said Grace. "These are my best binoculars ever! Thanks, Mama!" said Emma as she gave me a great big hug. Between their bikes and now the binoculars I think we know what they'll be spending the majority of this next week doing!


  1. So cute!!! Reece loves his pair, so much to see :)

  2. The girls are loving their pairs too! Such fun!