Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Smiles::In Which Albert Goes To Church

Today our church held a Blessing of the Animals. The girls were so excited to hear this and wanted to bring our whole menagerie. After much discussion we all agreed that our sweet dog Albert would be the one to represent the animals of our family during the service today.
As you can see he was very happy to be there!
It was mostly dogs in attendance, though one cat did eventually arrive. 
All the kids were invited to help the ministers bless the animals. 
The girls loved getting to be a part of this.
Albert waits his turn. 
Getting to have church outside on this glorious day was only made even more special by the addition of everyone's pets being there. Clearly, Albert had a completely terrific time at church today! Even all these hours later he's still smiling. A car ride and special time spent with us seems to have lifted this old dog's spirit! I think if he was able to talk he'd share with us that this was the best day ever and that he wishes he could do it again. It was a special day indeed!

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