Monday, July 22, 2013

First Day Of Swimming Lessons

For the past several summers the girls have taken swimming lessons at the lake in our town. And each summer we have watched them gain confidence and skills thanks to the talented teens who are their swim instructors. They did one session of swimming lessons at the Y (before last summer's session at the lake) and did not do nearly as well in the pool. With that in mind we signed the girls up for two weeks of lake lessons this summer. Today was their first day and they were both so excited that they couldn't wait to get to the lake today. As soon as it was time for their lesson they went running over saying quick good-byes to me. They spent the next hour in their lesson. When it was over they came running out of the lesson part of the lake and then headed right back in to the lake where Sarah and I were sitting. They then spent the next three hours swimming and playing and practicing all they had learned today. It's safe to say that we have some water babies on our hands!

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