Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two Wheelin' Girls

I arrived home from my morning walk to discover Emma on a scooter in the driveway. She was bound and determined to learn to glide and lo and behold she did just that!
The other big news in the house this morning is that the missing peddles for Grace's new bike finally arrived. We were so bummed that they were left out of the box the bike was in and were even more bummed that Huffy wouldn't speed up the shipping to get them to us faster than seven to ten days. #huffyfail. 
Thankfully, those seven to ten days passed quickly by! Before Dave left for work today he had the peddles on and made the necessary adjustments so Grace could ride her new bike. He's such an awesome Daddy!
"Thanks Gramma and Grandpa for my new bike!"
And just like that they are another day older. 

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