Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Circus Smirkus!

Saturday brought with it gorgeous weather and what has now become our annual trip to Circus Smirkus! We went for the first time last year and had such a great time that we decided to make it a yearly thing. The girls have been looking forward to this day since the minute the show ended last year, and after much waiting the day had finally arrived!
Waiting for the show to begin. 
This year's theme was Oz Incorporated. 
The talent that these kids have is just outstanding!
With Glinda. 
With Toto. 
From a Yankee Magazine article about Circus Smirkus. 

The Troupers did a wonderful job and the show was fabulous! The girls are now back to asking when we can go back and have both started to talk about heading to Smirkus camp next summer too. Looks like there may be a trip to Vermont in our future for next summer! If you haven't been to Circus Smirkus yet we highly recommend it. Though I have to warn you, it will make you want to become a Smirko too!

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