Wednesday, May 23, 2018

And That's A Wrap!

Another year of morning lessons is now in the books (and what an incredible year it was)! We had a blast diving back into the Revolution (in preparation for our trip to Williamsburg) as well as the  human and animal block that was so enjoyed last year, too. And it was absolutely lovely to get to explore the world of botany together for the first time this year too! With their last pages completed, it was decided (decreed, really)  that waffle cones from New City were needed to honor the end of lessons and to welcome the arrival of summer break!

We'll continue to read each day this summer, and there will be some cooking and baking (and a bit of math, too), but as anyone who knows us knows, summers for us are all about copious amounts of time spent outside and seeing where each day takes us. It's funny to me but each year in early May, without intentionally doing so we seem to begin to slowly shift gears and move into our summer rhythm, It's as if we all just internally know, on the same day, that it's time. Time for the winding down of lessons and activities and time for the slow and lovely days of summer to arrive. xo

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